I have been involved with the two year JISC Transforming Curriculum Delivery Through Technology programme as the synthesis consultant and have blogged about this. I have been less involved in the four year sister programme Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design but have recently been talking to a few of the projects as they reach their final year.

This has been really interesting for me as the two programmes were conceived together with one being about transforming the the space where students interact with the curriculum and the other being about transforming organisational processes. They compliment each other well – there is a good degree of crossover too – vital to consider both at the same time.

I will be writing a series of  posts about the Curriculum Design programme as a guest on the JISC CETIS ‘other voices’ blog.

The first post Curriculum Design: The Big Picture is published today and sets the scene for the series which will be looking at the range of institutional processes and systems that the projects are considering and changing to support their curriculum design activities. This first post highlights the approaches they’ve taken to illustrate and map some of their processes and where they connect.

Hope people find it useful – there are some really good approaches and some excellent ways to stimulate useful institution-wide conversations.