Thriving in the 21st century: Learning Literacies for the Digital Age

Between July 2008 – May 2009 I worked with my colleagues Helen Beetham and  Allison Littlejohn on a fantastic research study funded by Jisc. The LLiDA Project was led by the Caledonian Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

It aimed to find out what literacies learners need to thrive in a digitally networked world, and what UK HE and FE institutions were doing to support them. The study led to an improved understanding of learning literacies, how they were evolving, how requirements were changing, and how they may be supported in different contexts.

The project was initially documented on a wiki, but outcomes and outputs have now been transferred to a new website. It was strange to see how long ago it was when we did this work and although now a historical project, it laid significant groundwork for Jisc work on Digital Capabilities and is still accessed regularly and referred to around the world. The wiki may not be maintained and we felt it was worth saving this work.

The work we did on LLiDA is still relevant today as we face the ‘Fake News‘ phenomenon.

The LLiDA.UK website offers access to the printed reports as well as providing a web-based approach to the study findings and the best practice examples that we highlighted.

Do you remember the study? Have you used any of the outputs?

There are a lot of new examples of ‘good practice’ in supporting literacies for learning. If you work on or know of any please highlight them in the comments section below and we will add them to the website…