Papers, reports, chapters course modules and articles

  • McGill, Lou (module author) C-DELTA Module 1 – Developing Digital Identities – working with appropriate digital tools and networks to enable people to create and manage online presences and footprints, and to exercise control over their expression of this digital identity (or identities). By implication, this involves negotiating pathways within contexts.
  • McGill, Lou (module author) C-DELTA Module 2 – Mobilising resources – the processes of finding out which resources are available, which skills people need in order to acquire the necessary capabilities to draw on these resources, the development of understanding of how these resources are used in practice in their particular contexts, and the development of capabilities to evaluate, combine and create new resources.
  • McGill, Lou (module author) C-DELTA Module 3 – Engaging with networks – interacting with networks in a manner that is meaningful and purposeful. This entails constructively sharing information, knowledge and resources. Understanding of the social media ecosystem to enable choices regarding where and how people can create online profiles, interact with people across different networks and build of personal learning networks.
  • McGill. L. , Beetham, H., Gray, T. What makes a successful online learner: findings of the Digital Student Online learners’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment. Jisc July 2016
  • Jisc online learning readiness tool for staff in educational institutions
  • Series of guides to help educational staff understand the decisions they need to make and the processes involved around scaling up online learning at an organisational level:
    • Scaling up online learning provides a strategic view of different models and the implications of implementing online learning at an institutional level
    • Curriculum design and support for online learning helps you make decisions around curriculum design and determine support needs when scaling up online learning
    • Technology and tools for online learning provides guidance, resources and case studies around the use of technology to support online courses and distance learning programmes.
  • Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A., McGill, L. & Beetham, H. (2016) Motives and tensions in the release of open educational resources: the UKOER Programn, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, July 2016 DOI:
  • Littlejohn, A., Falconer, I., McGill, L. & Beetham, H. (2014) Open networks and bounded communities: Tensions inherent in releasing Open Educational Resources Chapter 4, Reusing Open Resources, Routledge, London: NY, Littlejohn, A.& Pegler, C. (Eds)
  • Littlejohn, A., Falconer, I., McGill, L. & Beetham, H. (2014) Open Lifewide Learning: a vision, Chapter 8, Reusing Open Resources, Routledge, London: NY, Littlejohn, A.& Pegler, C. (Eds)
  • Falconer, I, Littlejohn, A, McGill, Lou and Beetham, H (2013) Motives and tensions in the release of Open Educational Resources in Learning, Media and Technology special issue on Critical Approaches to Open Educations
  • Falconer, I, McGill, Lou, Littlejohn, A, Boursinou, Eleni (2013) Overview and Analysis of Practices with OpenEducational Resources in Adult Education in Europe.European Commission Report EUR 26258 – Joint Research Centre – Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
  • Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union
    EUR – Scientific and Technical Research series doi:10.2791/34193
  • McGill, L., Falconer, I., Dempster, J.A., Littlejohn, A. and Beetham, H. Journeys to Open Educational Practice: HEFCE OER Review Final Report. JISC, May 2013
  • Littlejohn, A., Beetham, H. and McGill, L. Digital literacies as situated knowledge practices: academics’
    influence on learners’ behaviours in Goodfellow, R and Lea, M. (eds) Literacy in the Digital University? Critical perspectives on learning, scholarship, and technology, Routledge, 2013
  • Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A. and McGill, L. Fluid learning: vision for lifelong learning in 2030(Link) Open Education 2030. JRC-IPTS Call for Vision Papers. Part I: Lifelong Learning, 2013
  • McGill, L., Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A. and Beetham, H. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Phase 3 Synthesis and Evaluation Report. JISC, February 2013  Short URL:
  • McGill, Lou (2012) A National OER Service for the UK
  • Littlejohn, A., Beetham, H. and McGill, L. (2012) Learning at the digital frontier: a review of digital literacies in theory and prectice, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, V28, I6, Article first published online: 22 FEB 2012 | DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2729.2011.00474.x
  • McGill, L. Open educational Resources Timeline: a CETIS perspective of the OER story (online article and interactive timeline) (2012)
  • McGill, L., Falconer, I., Littlejohn, A. And Beetham, H Open practice across sectors: briefing paper (2012) Online paper
  • McGill, L., Beetham, H.,  Falconer, I. and Littlejohn, A. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: phase 2 synthesis and evaluation report (2011) online report
  • Littlejohn, A., Beetham, H., McGill, L. and Falconer, I. (2011) Factors affecting the release of Open Educational Resources,  TD-Tecnologie Didattiche, ISSN  1970-061X (August 2011)
  • McGill, L Series of articles for JISC CETIS Other voices blog about the JISC Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design Programme
    Curriculum Design: The Big Picture June 2011
    Curriculum Design: X marks the spot? July 20
    XCRI-CAP – now is the time August 2011
  • McGill, L. Curriculum innovation – pragmatic approaches to transforming learning and teaching through technologies   JISC Transforming Curriculum Delivery Through Technology Programme synthesis report Portable Document Format (pdf) File [ 1 Mb ] March 2011
  • McGill, L., Beetham, H.,  Falconer, I. and Littlejohn, A. JISC/HE Academy OER Programme: Pilot synthesis and evaluation report. August 2010 (online report)
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  • McGill, L. Synthesis of JISC Curriculum Delivery projects interim reports April 2010
    Portable Document Format (pdf) File [ 240 Kb ]
  • Beetham, H., McGill, L. and Littlejohn, A. Thriving in the 21st century: Learning Literacies for the Digital Age (LLiDA project). Report June 2009 (pdf) Executive Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations. June 2009 (pdf)
  • McGill, L., Currier, S., Duncan, C and Douglas, P (2008) Good intentions: improving the evidence base in support of sharing learning materials. Project Report.
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  • Hastie, N. Porch, S and Brown, L (previous name). Doing it ourselves: promoting women’s health as feminist action in Gabrielle Griffin (ed.). Feminist activism in the 1990’s. Taylor and Francis, 1995.


Presentations and workshops

  • The Virtual Enquiry service: using chat software to provide an interactive web based enquiry Service,  YHUA Seminar Supporting learners at a distance, SheffieldHallamUniversity, Sheffield July 2001
  • Above paper also presented at UC&R East Midland Section Seminar Virtual or Managed Reality? The library and the e learning Environment, De Montfort University, Leicester
  • Supporting off-site students, at U&CR East Midlands Section Seminar Targeting Services, University College Northampton, October 2001
  • The distance learning service at Leicester, EMAlink Going the Distance seminar – Services for Distance Learners, University of Leicester Library, November 2001
  • What’s the difference, U&CR East Midlands Section Seminar Dealing with diversity, AstonUniversity, Birmingham, May 2003
  • Using a VLE to support Information Literacy work. EMAlink Seminar, University of Leicester Library, June 2003
  • Supporting student learning through the use of digital repositories, Workshop at ALT Spring Conference, Edinburgh, April 2004
  • Student’s use of digital repositories: issues and perspectives, Presentation and workshop with Dr Allison Littlejohn, Student autonomy: students’ creation and re-use of learning objects, Supporting Sustainable e-Learning SSelf 2004 Forum, LTSN and HEA, June 2004
  • We DIDET with TikiWiki: supporting student learning with a digital repository, Thinking outside the VLE box: innovative and creative ideas for improving the student experience, 4th National VLE Conference, Bristol June 2004
  • E-Literacy for E-Learning, Presentation and workshop at the JISC/NSF Digital Libraries in the Classroom Programme Meeting, Santa Barbara January 2005
  • The DIDET Project, Presentation to CETIS Metadata Workshop, Edinburgh, March 2005
  • Using knowledge structures to enhance reflective practice Presentation and workshop with Prof. Allison Littlejohn, ‘Reflective learning, future thinking’ ALT Spring Conference and Research Seminar,  DublinMarch2005
  • Approaches to designing informal learning activities for problem based learning, Presentation and workshop with Prof. Allison Littlejohn, Designing blended learning activities, Supporting Sustainable eLearning Forum, University of Southampton, 2005 July 21st
  • Learning Literacies for the Digital Age. Workshop at JISC Conference 2009 – Opening Digital Doors | Edinburgh 25 March 2009
  • Good Intentions: improving the evidence base in support of sharing learning materials Open Educational Repositories: Share, Improve, Reuse | Edinburgh 25-26 March 2009. Keynote
  • series of prezi presentations
  • Series of presentation around OERs and open educational practices on slideshare
  • Digital literacies: telling stories – video made for presentation at JISC Innovating eLearning Online Conference 2011