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Digital transformation toolkit

Earlier in the year I worked with Jisc to produce the Framework for digital transformation in higher education. This involved collaborating with a range of professional bodies to ensure that the framework reflected different perspectives and viewpoints. The framework  provides a structure to help UK higher education (HE) providers to develop strategic vision and planning, fostering innovation, streamlining business processes and operations [...]

Company update

I am very pleased to welcome Tim Gray as a new director at Lou McGill Consultancy Ltd. Tim has worked with me on several projects over the last 12 years and adds some really valuable experience, knowledge and skills to the company. He is an experienced senior lecturer, programme leader with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and [...]

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Framework for digital transformation

I have been working for Jisc over the last few months to produce a new framework for digital transformation in higher education. This was a big piece of work which involved working collaboratively with a review group made up of representatives from a range of higher education sector bodies. These were: Advance HE, Association for Learning Technology (ALT), Association of [...]

Developing digital leaders

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, effective leadership in educational organisations requires a range of skills and competencies. Digital leadership is needed to guide and manage an organization's digital transformation, leveraging technology to achieve strategic objectives and drive innovation. I have recently been working as a consultant with Jisc to support some UK universities with their digital transformation strategies and [...]

Online learning – doing it quickly due to COVID 19

Due to several people having to rush towards online learning and teaching I thought it may be useful to do a post drawing together some of the work I've done in the past that is freely available and might be helpful. Doing it thoughtfully Online learning and teaching is not something to do quickly - to do it well it [...]

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