15 10, 2012

End of History

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My partner Tim Gray has a new photographic exhibition opening today (15th October 2012) at the Glasgow Mackintosh Church as part of the First Creative Mackintosh Festival. The Exhibition shows some of the photographs from Tim's End of History photographic project which records and documents the portraits of re-enactors involved in living history societies throughout [...]

28 05, 2009

new blog launched

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> I've decided to keep a separate wedding photography blog so that any potential clients don't have to wade through lots of other stuff. Go and take a look... http://ithadtobeyouweddingphotography.blogspot.com/ This now means I have 4 websites and 2 blogs to maintain - perhaps I need to simplify my life; )) I have recently revamped [...]

10 05, 2008


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> Over a year ago I made a series of images for a flickr group called das kabinet which was one of my favourite groups. Some of these images are now actually in an exhibition of contemporary landscape photography entitled Open Range. The exhibition is in Battle in East Sussex at the Independent Photographers Gallery. [...]

1 06, 2006


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>OK I know I should be in bed... but Lozzie did some good work today here is his most popular - he said it's probably because its colourful... well it would stand out in my present photostream anyway. Of course loads of fab folk on flickr have resonded already and he is very pleased.. hey [...]

11 05, 2006


By |May 11th, 2006|autism|4 Comments

>some of you who read this blog are so amazing I'm stunned. I never even expected people to read it but to actually respond and offer huge support and really really sound advice is way more than I expected. yes we had a bad day on monday but generally we are feeling so much more [...]

17 04, 2006


By |April 17th, 2006|autism|3 Comments

>I've been avoiding most things this week but most of all I've been avoiding tomorrow and now it's nearly here... Tomorrow we have to go back to school - the same school that excluded my son recently. The same school that he feels sick about going to. And why? because everyone agrees he has to [...]

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