I have recently completed a series of articles for the  JISC CETIS other voices blog which offered a reflective account of three areas of work – Learning Environments, Exchanging Course Information (XCRI) and Open Educational Resources (OER). Developments in each area have been significant for the UK Higher and Further education sector and after speaking to CETIS staff (and after working with them on several initiatives over the years) it was great to be able to record the impact of CETIS work in each of these areas.

Each article had an accompanying timeline made using tiki toki which showed three aspects of work –  CETIS work, JISC funded activities and wider initiatives. These timelines reveal the history and wide range of activities that have helped to move the wider FE and HE communities forward. They also offer a unique CETIS persepective –  here is the XCRI and JISC CETIS timeline…

Here are links to the articles and the timelines:

I think the timelines work really well to illustrate the more detailed articles. They certainly illustrate very effectively just how much work and investment has brought us to to where we are now. It’s nice to see the connections between things, particularly some of the JISC programmes over the years.