One of my fellow DS106 ers Ben Rimes, has set up a fantastic blog called poetry for people and I am totally hooked.

It aims to be a daily poetry-writing prompt and every day an image is posted to inspire your words. I have submitted some images and am going to write at least one poem a day. When you load an image you are asked to select which poetry form should accompany it.

Here is one I added


Its a lovely way to share and write whether you are new to writing poetry or (like me) – very out of practice. I have discovered some poetry forms I didn’t know and have been inspired to try them out. I have always been very shy of putting poetry online so it is a real challenge for me but it is liberating and nice when someone gives it a thumbs up too.

As Ben says:

The project is dedicated to providing poets of all ages with a place to practice their craft, and give them a big audience. In addition to meeting several Common Core Teaching standards, this project hopes to serve as a model for effective and responsible online sharing, learning, and collaboration within a K-16 educational setting.

Go on – have a play – be creative this April