Despite being told by paypal that my case is closed 4 days before the deadline and being unable to upload any more documents, I received two more emails today asking me to upload documents to support my case. These were in response to an email I forwarded from the Dumfries and Galloway police expressing their concerns that their report was regarded as insufficient evidence. It was a standard response that disregarded both my email to them and the fact that the case has already been closed.


or I might change into Celaneo the amazon!

This was my email response to paypal…

Dear Brett

Thank you for the two emails I received today inviting me to upload documents to support my case.

Indeed I would appreciate more time to do this but unfortunately I have already been given the outcome of the case – which has been dropped due to my inability to provide the relevant documentation!

There are several ironies here and if I were not so upset at losing £907.50 I may even find it amusing that paypal is unable to join up their records sufficiently to provide the most basic of customer support.

Despite originally being given until the 20th February to provide more documentation, you will find if you check the records, that I have received emails on the 16th February telling me that my case has been closed because the documents provided by the Dumfries and Galloway police department are not sufficient.

That means that I am actually not able to upload documents as you describe in this standard email (of which I have at least twenty copies). Even if I could upload any files I am, in reality, unable to obtain any further documentation because my police department are not going to provide any further reports, as indicated in the forwarded email from said police department which expresses their concerns, bafflement and yet again offers to talk with you. The police department have offered you a report, full contact details and even a personal email saying they would be happy to talk to you.

By now I am used to all of the information, queries and plea’s for help, clarification and assurance in my emails being ignored. This just serves to continue to add to my case which I will be taking further with my bank, national newspapers and also with consumer protection agencies.

I really look forward to continuing this circular discussion with you and Pamela and Alexander and Jonathan and Carl and Jeremy and Lynette and Joanne and Diane and Carolyn and Melissa and Kathy and Rehani and Genevieve ( I apologise if I missed anyone – my email folder on this case is bulging). I really have nothing better to do than keep repeating the same information endlessly.

I am also now blogging and tweeting details of this as I was asked by Pamela to tell all my friends about your services. I have received a really supportive response from a fairly well established network across the globe.

In anticipation of the next email.

Lou McGill