Michael Branson Smith has done a lovely opeing post for ds106 called High School is Everyone’s Forever Ago and Cheryl Colan has done her own with a brilliant big hair photo.

Their high school days were in the 80’s but mine were in the 70’s, although I still seem to have fairly big hair; )

Here is me in 6th form (my final year) in 1979. now that is forever ago. Who on earth was that girl – all I can remember is that she was fairly opinionated and really wanted to be a writer or a teacher. She went to work in a shop instead and did that for a few years. So it’s funny that now 33 years later I get paid to write about education and learning.

Michael also talks about the difference children make to your life and how the time before children is another Forever Ago. Yes have to agree on this too.

I feel a bit strange today as I realise that my son wont have a high school photo to share when he is my age. He doesn’t go to school. He will have thousands of photos of himself as a young boy – I only have about 4 photos of me as a young girl. He wont have memories of high school years to share. Of course those will be replaced by other memories and mementos of those times. how I wish I could see that – but that is futures away…