Last year I worked with my partner Tim Gray to evaluate the Open Media Classes at Coventry University. The work was commissioned by Jisc to find out how things had progressed since the UKOER Programme. I worked on the synthesis and evaluation team for the programme so it was a great opportunity to consider how a really innovative project had moved forward towards embedding open education practices into mainstream activities.

The team at Coventry University Media Department did not disappoint and have really moved forward with their open practice. They have even created a fully open Masters Course in photography, taking their institution into a new realm of course provision.

The final evaluation report, published in 2015 was the result of detailed and frank conversations with a range of people. Our thanks are due to the following individuals: Shaun Hides, Jonathan Worth, Matt Johnston, Peter Woodbridge andJonathan Shaw. We would also like to thank David Kernohan from Jisc who provided valuable support and information.

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You can download the report as a PDF or browse through a COMC evaluation website which presents the report as a series of linked pages.

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