So another 3am late night finishing the 15 minute radio show which took days to do, days!!!

The final version was no where near good enough – with several dodgy segment links and some volume issues. However at least having a deadline made me stop tinkering.
Blackshipradioshow by loumcgill

So our show is a pirate radio show with a summer of oblivion theme – made by pirates 4 pirates… I probably made it more complicated than it needed to be. This was a collaborative effort by my family. We wanted to have a story running through and not rely too much on just playing tracks. So sourcing the songs and sound effects took hours. Agreeing storylines was fun and recording stuff was hilarious. I will be doing an outtakes recording at some point. Had to cut out alot of tim cause he was so rude… Our son is a bit self conscious about being recorded so he helped with sourcing, feeding back and coming up with great story ideas.

He came up with a great idea for an alternative ending – where we go to a weather report which starts a storm scene, a shipwreck and drowning; ) I just didn’t have time to do this ending in the end but I think it would be great… anyway I won’t spoil the end we do have.

What an interesting process though – as a family we do lots together but this was quite different and made me realise that we don’t laugh together as much as we should. This made us laugh a lot and also deal with stresses of deadlines. As a home learning activity it was fantastic. Collaborative working is not our son’s favourite thing (as an aspie) and he was initially stressed out about being recorded – so we agreed that he had other things to offer to balance the team effort.

I do suspect though that he would tell his friends that we are a bit mad. I did have the final editing role so had to deal with the wrath of the captain when all his cabin boy and wench jokes were pulled; )

I have only listened to a couple of other stories and both of them are over 20 minutes. In my very literal way I made ours exactly 15 minutes; ) and even over-editied stuff with rubbish impact to not go over the time limit. I really need to lighten up… This show is really good I think…

This was an exhausting assignment, but fun. I may have to pass on the next assignment as I catch up with my life!

Sources used (don’t read if you want to do the competition -guessing the artist)