Black Ship Radio by loumcgill
As a family we are working on a radio show for the ds106 digital storytelling course. Our first task was to create two (one 30 second and one 1 minute) ‘radio bumpers’. Here are ours.

It involved a lot of laughing and some bribery, but we have all recorded bits for it. We are doing a pirate radio show – under the banner of Black Ship Radio – radio by pirates for pirates.

I have stayed up till 2.30 on Friday evening/Saturday morning to get them in by the deadline. My perfectionism has been my downfall again and I can still hear a couple of errors but just need to get them finished. I’m fairly pleased with the final outcomes though – the boys are both in bed so haven’t heard them yet. I wanted to set a fairly mellow tone so used summertime by ella fitzgerald for the short one and the young rascals for the longer one, with a bit of the sex pistols thrown in.

I was very wary of doing the audio assignments, but they have been fun and great to do collaboratively. I would probably put audacity up there as one of my favourite tools right now. I am hooked and plan to do some more mixing and playing.

However this weekend we’ll be busy finishing building a polytunnel and producing a radio show. Yikes as scooby says…

My original sources (in addition to the three of us) were:

Pirate radio show sources

friggin in the rigging – the sex pistols

grooving – the young rascals

blackbeard the pirate film trailer

summertime ella fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong