This is not new but I realise I haven’t shared it on my blog. It is a summary prezi about the benefits of sharing learning resources but could be equally be called the benefits of OER. alot of people keep asking what the benefits of OER are.The report and this prezi highlight the benefits for different stakeholder groups so I think it is still relevant, and confirmed by the emerging outcomes of the UKOER pilot phase and phase 2.

It is the outcome of work done on the Good Intentions report: improving the evidence base in support of sharing learning materials. The two areas we focussed on were open sharing and community/subject-based sharing. It was a research study done in 2008 for JISC and provides a nice history of sharing in the UK as well as detailed evidence of the benefits of sharing. (McGill, L and Currier, S and Duncan, C and Douglas, P (2008)

can be viewed as a show on full screen and downloaded at