>I resigned from my job yesterday… and I’m feeling very lighthearted. From June 2008 I’ll be 40K a year worse off and 100% free to pursue a wide range of things I want to do…

very odd but on the same day I made my first sale to a publisher for one of my photos. A small step (and not a brilliant sale in terms of renumeration) but significant in many ways. I’m taking it as a sign of very good karma about this big decision….

even more interesting is that it is one of my photos that I really like and hadn’t even thought about selling. it’s from my trip to china a few years ago and is a wall painting in a daoist temple of the eight immortals – so also significant content in relation to losing some of the more material aspects of my existence… and it’s for a book about world religions so I’ll get a free copy to add to my collection on spirituality, religion and philosophy. Here is the photo and the quote that went with it on flickr…

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
Lao Tze

Tim thinks I’m barmy of course seeing significance in the coincidences but I’m enjoying them alot…

so the first steps are taken – the fool on her new journey….

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