Well if I’m not an aspie then I guess I’m a fairly obsessive perfectionist. This seems to be affecting most parts of my life.

In my work I get quite stressed out if I can’t do my job really well – which I often can’t due to the sheer amount of what I need to get done. This does not make me happy. I see Laurie having the same reaction to his homework. If every letter of his sentence is not technically perfect then he has to rub it out and start again. requires the patience and understanding of a saint…

At home we’ve been preparing our flat to put up for sale (for six months!!!!!!!!)

so how come even with a for sale sign up outside the bloody bath surround was still not done…

so with the prospect of viewings tomorrow I had to find a fabulous hero to come and fix it at no notice and godammit I found one on the internet.

now I know why I got rid of the telephone directories.

I rang the number at about 11.00 and got a lovely woman who understood my plight, got her man on the case and by 4.30 today it was done. Here are the details for my hero joiner and handyman who did a fab job…

so now at 9.30pm I feel that I need to prime the wood, and give it two coats of eggshell… what part of ‘you don’t need to do this’ can’t you understand Lou?

I also made Tim spend the whole weekend painting, tidying and cleaning. I even re-stained all the floors in the flat (no mean feat at all).

But at last the flat is looking splendiferous and is up for sale. So if you know of anyone who really needs a fantastic 5 bedroom apartment in the upcoming, and very trendy, southside of Glasgow then please call in and have a look.

Just give me enough warning to

  • clean the floors, cooker and mirrors
  • put all the rugs down which have been taken up because tammy still hasn’t sorted out her bladder
  • put new cream duvets with no dog hairs or paw prints on the beds
  • put the air freshners on and then turn them off in time not to be overpowering
  • turn all the lights on
  • carefully position all the shiny display type things to make it look as if we are actually really interesting

At least I didn’t give in to Tim’s idea of leaving posy design magazines on the coffee table – a step too far for me….

the picture of my fab kitchen (designed by me and supplied by ikea) links to the estate agent website – for those who’d like a nosey…