16 05, 2006


By |May 16th, 2006|home education|8 Comments

>the home education officer came today Laurie and I were a bit fab today. I'd written out our philosophy - child centred, informal, indpendent learning and holistic approach. In my usual anal way I'd written a bloody report!!! It listed each subject, the resources and the related activities. Resources included tv computer games, internet, books, [...]

15 05, 2006


By |May 15th, 2006|autism|7 Comments

>so funny to read your comments about the clothes thing. i've added a comment - from the heart... it can take us up to an hour to get Laurie dressed depending on the softness, length of sleeves, fluffy bits and how much cotton an item has. Can't believe that I seriously have conversations with my [...]

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