5 07, 2016

Autistic learners

By |July 5th, 2016|autism, learning, online learning, technologies|4 Comments

This week we are holding #OLsuccess week which is designed to capture voices of online learners - people with a particular preference or need to access their learning online. This might be through choice or may be something that they have to do as part of a face to face course. One of the challenges for [...]

17 07, 2012

asperger syndrome – myths and reality

By |July 17th, 2012|autism|1 Comment

I don't often just feature someone else's video in my blog but I watched this today and feel it really deserves wide dissemination and appreciation. It is made by KonstantinosPapathanasiou and was self funded. It contains really good contributions from people with Asperger Syndrome and rightly has a tagline - "If you have met one [...]

3 02, 2011

the purpose of education

By |February 3rd, 2011|autism, home education, learning|43 Comments

Our son has made us question every aspect of our lives and our place in society. Like most families we encounter informal learning opportunities every day. However we decided not to participate in the formal education offered by the state. We learn at home, in our community, in the wider world. My son has Aspergers [...]

18 11, 2010

two sides to every story – a dilemna

By |November 18th, 2010|autism, learning|10 Comments

I have a dilemna due to using a Creative Commons (CC) licence on one of my photographs on flickr. The photo is part of a project that I did in 2006 for the flickr UTATA group which aimed to tells the positives and negatives of having aspergers syndrome to increase awareness of the realities and [...]

10 11, 2009

dear family…

By |November 10th, 2009|autism|6 Comments

> I've been meaning to write this one for so long that I almost can't write it anymore. I lie awake at night going over and over what I want to say. I think my recent reading of the new book 'Children and teenagers with aspergers:the journey of parenting from birth to teens' has really [...]

1 06, 2007


By |June 1st, 2007|autism|0 Comments

>Well only 7 months since my last post... I think the build up to the big Make School Make Sense Campaign by the NAS, and the commitment and energy it required, coupled with 8 months of exhausting emotional strain just took effect. We needed a break... and we've had one And we're back! How easy [...]

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