>so funny to read your comments about the clothes thing. i’ve added a comment – from the heart…

it can take us up to an hour to get Laurie dressed depending on the softness, length of sleeves, fluffy bits and how much cotton an item has.

Can’t believe that I seriously have conversations with my 9 year old about what percentage of cotton is in his clothes; )))

so funny but can be majorly frustrating when you have to go somewhere. i try to be patient…

hey the truant officer arrived today – now that was funny

totally unexpected he arrived on the doorstep. he actually was a nice guy doing a shit job.

i told him that we’d filled in the home ed forms and had the home ed person coming tomorrow for a visit.

i told him that we’d written to the education services about our decision.

there was no hint of ‘you’re breaking the law’ although technically we are. he was fairly cool about it – went through the motions but it was clear he totally got why we were at this point. he said the system was based on 50’s ideology which was no longer relevant – we can only agree…

so I wrote a curriculum out to show the home ed person. not expecting any problems – home ed is fine as long as he get’s it 150% right first time!!!!

also the Steiner school rang to arange a meeting with us all – it will be on my birthday – so taking that as a good sign. if it comes off he will be in a class of 14! felt bad having to give her the background details of him, because of that bloody exclusion….grrrr, bitch and stuff

anyway we wait in hope but he is so much happier not having to do group work – although he turning into a fairly good cook working with me – will probably be a bit arsey though if he was a chef; )

this is what he looks like when he arsey

its called houdini blues after a favourite Kristen hersh track about labels

“Oh no don’t you put me in that box
you know what you can do with those locks
bet your life I’ll come crawling out again
you’ll have to deal with me then
you’ll hear me in the wind.”

houdini blues