Over a year ago I made a series of images for a flickr group called das kabinet which was one of my favourite groups. Some of these images are now actually in an exhibition of contemporary landscape photography entitled Open Range. The exhibition is in Battle in East Sussex at the Independent Photographers Gallery. I couldn’t get to the preview night due to difficulties getting there from Glasgow.

Shame to miss the preview night of your first ever exhibition so I haven’t even seen what the photos look like on the walls. However I have sold two of them so I am very happy about that.

This is a great start to my new life which begins very soon! I can’t wait to spend more time with my son and my photography. May even get back onto flickr to play a bit and blog alot more regularly.

The flat is sold and the Dunoon property still going ahead so by the end of July we should be moving ‘doon the water’. Hallelujah for that!