>I can’t believe I haven’t written since feb!

Alot has gone on since then. We moved from Glasgow to Dumfries and Galloway. Found a run down old house with a fab ironmongers shop incorporated. We are keeping the shop going and it is called ‘Life’s Little Ironies – The Whithorn Ironmonger’. I have set up a blog for it but been so busy not many posts yet. Click on our logo to go and see it.

The house needs loads of work so we are living in turmoil at the moment – not the best thing for a kid with Aspergers. His room is being done as a priority and he is coping well. We are still doing the home learning – and about to investigate some local support agencies to see if we can connect to some activities. He was happy to leave Glasgow though and he can see the sea from his bedroom window. His favourite spot is the Isle of Whithorn – what a magical place and 5 mins away.

The other great thing about our move is that we now have a garden. We rushed to get our veggies planted (have a greenhouse too) and are now enjoying the fruits of our labour.

Hope to get a polytunnel soon too. We also hatched some chickens and the first three chicks hatched are now living in the garden. More chicken coops are being made for the next phase – afraid we have got the bug. This blog will probably end up as a chicken blog!

This is a very tiny amrock chicken (born the day before my birthday) called Jimi little wing as it was born when jimi hendrix was playing

Here is is at 9 weeks old! still not sure if it’s a girl or a boy but suspect it’s a boy..

I’m still working as a consultant and have just finished some big jobs – will post soon about them. Now have even more challenging juggling to do but hope to keep the blog going with more frequent posts.