Today in the live ds106 tv broadcast Jim Groom lost it and banished Bianca Oblivion from ds1064life..many of us were deeply shocked and the discussion turned to animal farm….

no one is as equal as jim groom…..NO ONE

several of my fellow ds106ers and I have also been banished4life as his meglamania knows no bounds. But we can’t be banished because despite what Jim says WE are ds106…

All of this kerfuffle did take my attention away from my audio assignment and, I suspect had a detrimental effect on my work.

So in memorium for Bianca, John and the GOOD Dr Oblivion here is my audio story. It was meant not to have words in but I felt Bianca should have a voice….

I did this by finding free audio clips on

darkchurchbell.wav by DJ Chronos  aka Dan Oberbauer
ambientdarkness by DJ Chronos  aka Dan Oberbauer
by leady
why by aclivity of
girlprettyvoicehumming.wav by nayruslove

For bianca’s voice I used skills learnt for the animated gif (extra marks for me; )) and took it into media streamclip and saved the audio part I wanted. bianca’s voice is spooky enough so no added effects needed.

I published it on and embedded it here…

I’m a bit unsure which tag to use as it does have words in so technically it might not belong in AudioAssignments70.

I have also done a version with no words in too – slightly different but more as I had origianlly imagined.

Was really impressed with audacity and found it really easy to use.