>I’ve been travelling for work and my 3g card that connects me to the interenet has broken.

Came home to loads of work emails and haven’t been on flickr or blog.

Travelled down to Bristol with Laurie on the train ( 7 hour journey) to stay with my dad. laurie enjoyed seeing grandad while I traipsed around the country attending meetings…

Journey down was fine but journey back was a nightmaree for a kid with aspergers. We missed a connection due to a late train which arrived ‘full and standing’!!!!! Grrrr

Had to stand in a packed corridor full of students shouting and laughing really loud – not their fault – they didn’t know. Laurie got overloaded and was so desperate. He didn’t have a meltdown but he just stood with his head down. Tears were pouring down his cheeks and I couldn’t even comfort him as his sensitivities were so triggered that he couldn’t bear to be touched. He describes it as being tingly…

We were three hours late but he was so delighted to be back home and with hector the wonderdog who was equally pleased…

He wont be going on a train any time soon.

In the meantime he’s been writing a story on an old typewriter. We decided to make a story blog.

Here it is:

It is called demongate
and has a baddie called cyclonops who wants to take over the world…
Here is a drawing that he did to illustrate it…

He already has a couple of comments which is a great incentive for him to keep it up… thanks guys. I typed it in and changed a few spellings but the wording is all his own. He has an interesting way of expressing himself and I was surpised to see he started describing himself as a narrator who makes comments within the story…

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  1. Joker The Lurcher July 2, 2006 at 5:32 am - Reply

    >i so relate to the train journey. we had a similar experience when we flew from luton on one of our cheap city breaks. on the way up was fine but on the way back kings cross has been closed and it was heaving. owen was totally unable to cope. he and i got seperated by the crowd – his dad was still near him – i could see him just ready to explode and hit everyone. needless to say we only go from gatwick now which we can drive to.

  2. robotJAM July 14, 2006 at 7:33 am - Reply

    >what a cool monster drawing, kids have the best imaginations.

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