>the steiner school didn’t offer us a place…

they don’t have the staffing resources to cater for Laurie’s special needs.

That’s fair enough.

so now we take a few steps backwards…

just the thought of having to back to the education authority has raised all those earlier feelings again. we haven’t told Laurie yet.

what alot of people in scotland say is ‘what’s for you wont go by you’ so we’ll go with that one.

a bit of a rethink planned for the weekend…

this one seems appropriate for today
the universe now beckons…
the universe now beckons
the universe now beckons
and Man, too, must take His place…
just a few last fleeting seconds
to wander in the waste
and the children who were ourselves move on
reincarnation now stills its perfected song
and at last we are free of the bonds of creation
van der graaf generator