22 06, 2006


By |June 22nd, 2006|autism|5 Comments

>the steiner school didn't offer us a place... they don't have the staffing resources to cater for Laurie's special needs. That's fair enough. so now we take a few steps backwards... just the thought of having to back to the education authority has raised all those earlier feelings again. we haven't told Laurie yet. what [...]

8 06, 2006


By |June 8th, 2006|autism|2 Comments

>we went for our interview with the Glasgow Steiner School yesterday. The most amazing thing about it is that laurie says he feels 10/10 about it. He has not felt 10/10 about anything for as long as I can remember!!!!! We use numbers to guage feelings because it is the best way for laurie to [...]

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