2 11, 2009

word press madness

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>I've been having a go with wordpress as an alternative blogging mechanism and have transferred the wedding photography blog to one which uses a photo blogging template. http://weddingphotography-glasgow.com/blog/ I'm also working on some other sites as I've just bought a few domain names. I'll post these soon. Most exciting too is a new portrait photography [...]

28 05, 2009

new blog launched

By |May 28th, 2009|photography|1 Comment

> I've decided to keep a separate wedding photography blog so that any potential clients don't have to wade through lots of other stuff. Go and take a look... http://ithadtobeyouweddingphotography.blogspot.com/ This now means I have 4 websites and 2 blogs to maintain - perhaps I need to simplify my life; )) I have recently revamped [...]

21 02, 2009


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> I have started a wedding photography business - one of the most intense jobs you could try to do. The day is so important for the couple that you could really muck up if you failed to deliver. I am being very cautious about who I accept as clients though and am making sure [...]

21 12, 2008


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>have decided to change the apperance of the blog in light of my new approach to incoprporate all elements of life... it has pink instead of dark black - maybe about to have a girly phase (slightly unlikely) but is lighter and brighter - hoping for a lighter and brighter new year too (well it [...]

10 12, 2008


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>here we are again. doing a mad catchup. so in short. finished job. didn't sell flat. still in glasgow. doing home learning. being an eLearning consultant and wedding photographer. have been very busy. still not got back onto flickr. now have several websites for various compartments of my life. jump off point is www.loumcgill.co.uk just [...]

10 05, 2008


By |May 10th, 2008|photography|1 Comment

> Over a year ago I made a series of images for a flickr group called das kabinet which was one of my favourite groups. Some of these images are now actually in an exhibition of contemporary landscape photography entitled Open Range. The exhibition is in Battle in East Sussex at the Independent Photographers Gallery. [...]

28 02, 2008


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>I resigned from my job yesterday... and I'm feeling very lighthearted. From June 2008 I'll be 40K a year worse off and 100% free to pursue a wide range of things I want to do... very odd but on the same day I made my first sale to a publisher for one of my photos. [...]

13 10, 2006


By |October 13th, 2006|photography|4 Comments

>just because everything is going so well doesn't mean I have forgotten... I will not stop fighting for the rights of people with autism to be understood and I often feel like this... nemesis Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice Mesomedes

1 06, 2006


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>OK I know I should be in bed... but Lozzie did some good work today here is his most popular - he said it's probably because its colourful... well it would stand out in my present photostream anyway. Of course loads of fab folk on flickr have resonded already and he is very pleased.. hey [...]

1 06, 2006


By |June 1st, 2006|photography|1 Comment

>I went away last week and it was so good not to worry and to be able to focus on work. I got back to a fantastic response.... most enthusiastic greeting was from hector the wonderdog, closely followed by the other two boys. seems they were all really pleased to have me back but had [...]

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