>I went away last week and it was so good not to worry and to be able to focus on work. I got back to a fantastic response….

most enthusiastic greeting was from hector the wonderdog, closely followed by the other two boys. seems they were all really pleased to have me back but had missed me too. they got on fine and had a good time.

good relief…

got lots of extra things to do at work – think I need it to help me focus – hope I can handle it but have developed a more organised approach which is helping…

boring work stuff though

let’s have a photo…

it’s called ruination – I’ve been feeling kind of dark and listening to old prog rock stuff and my photos seem dark but actually they are really positive and you may have to be in the same space to get that. some fab people on flickr also see the dark stuff in a positive light


but I have also been doing some dark photos of laurie and it seems that people really don’t like children presented as other than happy and carefree and innocent

I can appreciate an innocent child shot as much as the rest but I really do strongly believe that we need to engage with the pain too – then we can appreciate the joy

here is one that I love but only my philosophical type contacts seem to like.

it’s called all the other fish fear you
the other fish fear you

and has this quotation from a van der graaf generator song

so you live in the bottom of the sea and you kill all that come near you…
but you are very lonely, because all the othe fish fear you…
and you crave companionship and someone to call your own
because for the whole of your life you’ve been living alone.
Van der graaf generator
H to HE who am the only one, 1970

its june 2nd tomorrow and at 11.30 we find out if we have a diagnosis

I can’t believe that we are half way through the year – I’m 45 next week

it deserves a celebration….