>Well only 7 months since my last post…

I think the build up to the big Make School Make Sense Campaign by the NAS, and the commitment and energy it required, coupled with 8 months of exhausting emotional strain just took effect.

We needed a break… and we’ve had one

And we’re back!

How easy it is to lose momentum – not that I haven’t been busy.

The photography continues – and I’ve been really busy getting into film and continuing my toy camera addiction. I have just got a new/old hasselblad (she is gorgeous) and I’m about to really statr experimenting with that.

But what people really want to know about is how Laurie’s doing…

Well all I can say is he is doing incredibly well. Still at the fantastic school in Govan. He still has some lovely pals and is enjoying school as a whole experience. I know – how amazing is that?

I’ll update more on him later which will include new found passions for acting and horse riding, whilst continuing the writing, chess and obsessive yu-gi-oh and pokemon stuff.

I am working on a new website to show my photos and have just made my first Youtube video. Have one on autism planned but this one is just about people…
remember my name….

remember my name