random act of kindness

we had an unusual and very nice surprise this week from a stranger.

We received a copy of a book from Amazon that we don’t already have and that we didn’t order. It was ‘My name is Mina’ by David Almond.  It came with a message saying:

‘found your blog recently. Thought you would like this book – sorry if you’ve already read it. Don’t mean to be wierd – just think good for you doing home schooling. Happy Christmas!’

What a lovely thing to do. Many thanks to D for that lovely thought and the book looks great – we will be reading it soon.

For you here is this pic of some roses made by transferring a polaroid photo onto paper…

And those were days of roses, of poetry and prose...

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  1. Sheila MacNeill December 3, 2010 at 11:18 am - Reply

    Hi Lou

    What a lovely story. Just shows you what goes around comes around.


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