>hector the rescue dog.

the sweetest natured dog on the planet and so what we need…


What a day…
Had our first visit to the family and child health psychiatric unit. met a nice woman called Dianne. Laurie actually spoke to her so she’s started building a picture. I was so aware of all our body language (read too much of course so worried every time he chewed his fingers). I cried (surprise surprise at the moment). Laurie held it back but did get very overwhelmed talking about all his sad and angry feelings. I said sorry for crying in the car on the way back (because I don’t want him blaming himself for me being sad) and he was so cool about it. he said ‘ that doesn’t matter – I nearly cried too – it’s OK to cry’.

I was so proud of him. Still worrying about her conclusions (so bizarre) that someone who has studied a bit can make desisions that affect our lives.

Anyway we went to the park with hector afterwards and let him off his lead for the first time. he loved playing with a ball and laurie laughed so much. A major success.

We are going again to see Dianne on Thursday (without L) to fill her in on more details.

Thank god someone is on the case…

This is how happy my boy is…

hector the rescue dog
hector the rescue dog

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  1. Kym April 4, 2006 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    >You can see the joy and laughter on Lauries’ face that Hector is bringing him. You are very right when you said we rescue you…you rescue us. I understand perfectly you having sat and thought about your body language after reading about it… I was in sort of the same postion years ago with my first son and his school principal. Isn’t it funny how our children can turn around and surprise us so. (your aplogy for crying and your sons position that it’s quite all right to cry) You just never know.

  2. Lou McGill April 5, 2006 at 8:10 am - Reply

    >yes Hector has been a bit of a star so far. It’s been great to see that joy again.

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