28 02, 2008


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>I resigned from my job yesterday... and I'm feeling very lighthearted. From June 2008 I'll be 40K a year worse off and 100% free to pursue a wide range of things I want to do... very odd but on the same day I made my first sale to a publisher for one of my photos. [...]

13 10, 2006


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>just because everything is going so well doesn't mean I have forgotten... I will not stop fighting for the rights of people with autism to be understood and I often feel like this... nemesis Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice Mesomedes

1 06, 2006


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>OK I know I should be in bed... but Lozzie did some good work today here is his most popular - he said it's probably because its colourful... well it would stand out in my present photostream anyway. Of course loads of fab folk on flickr have resonded already and he is very pleased.. hey [...]

1 06, 2006


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>two entries today I put a couple of self portraits into flickr they are scary and honest (as opposed to the previous high contrast, therefore hide your crap skin, photos) so it will be interesting to see the different reactions what is really a weird though is that I called this one just norma - [...]

1 06, 2006


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>I went away last week and it was so good not to worry and to be able to focus on work. I got back to a fantastic response.... most enthusiastic greeting was from hector the wonderdog, closely followed by the other two boys. seems they were all really pleased to have me back but had [...]

14 05, 2006


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>I've been trying out high dynamic range (hdr) photos. this is where you take 3 (or more) of the same shot (prefereably using a tripod) at different stops and then merge them in photoshop. Supposed to be better in photomatix but I haven't got that software. anyway just trying it out - there's two ways [...]

12 05, 2006


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>just to prove that I'm not always ranting in long winded outbursts. let's just say thank god it's friday and here is a photo of big ben which surprisingly is attracting lots of attention and nice comments on flickr. we went to london for the day about two years ago. it was tim's brithday and [...]

21 03, 2006


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>I've finally gained access to photoshop and have had a go at some Amazing Circles. Quite pleased at my first attempts, but just need another 24 hours in a day to do some more. Here is my favourite so far made form a photo taken late at night in Hong Kong...

15 03, 2006


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>Well I don't think I'll be able to keep up the 'ings' endings on all my posts but I will try. I'm so happy because I finally have a tag cloud on my blog. I had to abandon the previous attempt and tried ZoomClouds instead. Much easier and done in 5 minutes so thanks for [...]

12 03, 2006


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>I started using a week ago and my life has changed... It has prompted me to finally get a blog started. I also need a blog to record some reflections on elearning for an online course that I'm doing with Oxford Brookes University. It is about time I did it as I've been banging [...]