4 06, 2006


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>not sure if all you guys who offer support and ideas look back but i often reply in comments... so for those who may have missed my thanks/replys VERY BIG THANKS - sure we are just at the beginning so stay with us but I keep looking at my beautiful son in wonder and i [...]

4 06, 2006


By |June 4th, 2006|home life|2 Comments

>not an inspirational title but the thing I feel like talking about... how interesting that blogging has been a MOST (big shout) important mechanism for me in the last few months. I've kind of been into diarying but not as much as others. i love writing but get incapacitated by the GREAT novel ( so [...]

2 06, 2006


By |June 2nd, 2006|autism|8 Comments

>we have our diagnosis we are all celebrating the news because for us it is a positive thing this is called how do you make sense of the world can't put a bigger version on this page as it messes up the right hand side of the page. The words say you have no idea [...]

1 06, 2006


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>OK I know I should be in bed... but Lozzie did some good work today here is his most popular - he said it's probably because its colourful... well it would stand out in my present photostream anyway. Of course loads of fab folk on flickr have resonded already and he is very pleased.. hey [...]

1 06, 2006


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>two entries today I put a couple of self portraits into flickr they are scary and honest (as opposed to the previous high contrast, therefore hide your crap skin, photos) so it will be interesting to see the different reactions what is really a weird though is that I called this one just norma - [...]

1 06, 2006


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>I went away last week and it was so good not to worry and to be able to focus on work. I got back to a fantastic response.... most enthusiastic greeting was from hector the wonderdog, closely followed by the other two boys. seems they were all really pleased to have me back but had [...]

20 05, 2006


By |May 20th, 2006|autism|3 Comments

>Just sitting on flickr and watching thelma and louise again with the ballad of lucy jordan playing by marainne faithful and i think.. yeah I would have shot the bastard too... so I'll have to find an appropriate photo for today... it's not pretty but the title is go ahead punk - make my day [...]

16 05, 2006


By |May 16th, 2006|home education|8 Comments

>the home education officer came today Laurie and I were a bit fab today. I'd written out our philosophy - child centred, informal, indpendent learning and holistic approach. In my usual anal way I'd written a bloody report!!! It listed each subject, the resources and the related activities. Resources included tv computer games, internet, books, [...]

15 05, 2006


By |May 15th, 2006|autism|7 Comments

>so funny to read your comments about the clothes thing. i've added a comment - from the heart... it can take us up to an hour to get Laurie dressed depending on the softness, length of sleeves, fluffy bits and how much cotton an item has. Can't believe that I seriously have conversations with my [...]

14 05, 2006


By |May 14th, 2006|autism, photography|4 Comments

>I've been trying out high dynamic range (hdr) photos. this is where you take 3 (or more) of the same shot (prefereably using a tripod) at different stops and then merge them in photoshop. Supposed to be better in photomatix but I haven't got that software. anyway just trying it out - there's two ways [...]

12 05, 2006


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>just to prove that I'm not always ranting in long winded outbursts. let's just say thank god it's friday and here is a photo of big ben which surprisingly is attracting lots of attention and nice comments on flickr. we went to london for the day about two years ago. it was tim's brithday and [...]