27 08, 2006

>new beginings

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>tomorrow we go to a new school.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he is very positive about it. if there is a goddess then now is the time to do your stuff lady... we are... apprehensive hopeful scared shitless fingers crossed folks. I wish we could take the new magic dragon staff...

22 08, 2006


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>back to reality back to work how can an email inbox be so demanding? juggling the layers of life again so here is my representative photo deeper than you imagine That which I complained about in myself is some layers deeper than you imagine. Anna Freud

19 08, 2006


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>I keep having clashes with my past - how strange but OK. Isn't that strange when you're feeling really vulnerable and dwelling on the terrifying future the past keeps coming back. I think it's to remind you of the lessons you should have learned by now. Still learning... Saw this amazing glass woman in the [...]

15 08, 2006


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>I'm a bad blogger - just been incapacitated by huge overwhelming stuff... Work has been a bit extreme as I just took on new stuff and I do have to try to be wonder woman. In the middle of a two week break where I'm trying really hard to get things in perspective. Still wake [...]

17 07, 2006


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>been a while... we had a holiday last week - a few days out and visits and lots of home time. nice... school update... still no response from the education services since I wrote a letter asking them how we go about getting a "co-ordinated support plan" (new laws in Scotland mean that we need [...]

1 07, 2006


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>I've been travelling for work and my 3g card that connects me to the interenet has broken. Came home to loads of work emails and haven't been on flickr or blog. Travelled down to Bristol with Laurie on the train ( 7 hour journey) to stay with my dad. laurie enjoyed seeing grandad while I [...]

22 06, 2006


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>the steiner school didn't offer us a place... they don't have the staffing resources to cater for Laurie's special needs. That's fair enough. so now we take a few steps backwards... just the thought of having to back to the education authority has raised all those earlier feelings again. we haven't told Laurie yet. what [...]

17 06, 2006


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>been away for work this week so didn't get much chance to blog we have had a hard week tim had his degree show - digital animation mphil so he had to get all the animations ready, deal with external examiners, breaking bad news to some students and generally having to work all hours... he [...]

12 06, 2006


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>still waiting for psychiatric team report still waiting to hear back from steiner school good job we've developed patience beyond the usual in the last few months this one is called perverse Yes, though you may think me perverse, if it were proposed to me to dwell in the neighborhood of the most beautiful garden [...]

10 06, 2006


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>make school make sense support the campaign... I got a pack for schools in the post today - going to send it to the headmistress; )) still haven't heard from the steiner school yet - but I wasn't at home on thursday/friday they may have rang while I was out. still haven't had our [...]

8 06, 2006


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>we went for our interview with the Glasgow Steiner School yesterday. The most amazing thing about it is that laurie says he feels 10/10 about it. He has not felt 10/10 about anything for as long as I can remember!!!!! We use numbers to guage feelings because it is the best way for laurie to [...]

6 06, 2006

>solar returnings

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>it is an hour away from my 45th birthday.. I feel so good about it too. Laurie's present to me is to dress up in anything I ask and pose for photo's, plus massages (which he is very good at) and probably helping me cook dinner. How cool that he has just hit the wanting [...]