I have already written about my work with Heather Price at Jisc on the Scaling up Online Learning (SUOLL) programme. The  working group identified several pieces of work that would benefit the sector. They suggested a Scaling up Online Learning toolkit which would  offer tools, techniques, strategies and activities at institutional, strategic and delivery levels to support the development and delivery of online/distance learning programmes.

We produced three comprehensive Jisc guides which addressed these questions and aimed to help senior managers, course leaders, course teams, support teams and individuals think through their own choices to ensure that they can provide an equitable experience for both online and campus-based students.

  • Scaling up online learning provides a strategic view of different models and the implications of implementing online learning at an institutional level
  • Curriculum design and support for online learning helps you make decisions around  curriculum design and determine support needs when scaling up online learning
  • Technology and tools for online learning provides  guidance, resources and case studies around the use of technology to support online courses and distance learning programmes

The guides are very comprehensive. Heather and I were keen to make sure that they also had practical value. Each section of the guides include

  • a series of questions that can help institutions and staff consider their own provision
  • key barriers and ways to overcome these
  • links to further resources and tools


New checklists

We have just released three checklists that can be downloaded and used by various teams and individuals within an institution to ask themselves key questions and consider what they need to do or change to scale up their online learning. We know that some institutions have already been using these questions and found them useful when planning to adopt new models of online or distance learning or when integrating online learning into existing courses. The checklists can be useful for both scenarios.

In the guides the questions are scattered across the appropriate pages but the checklist provides useful and simple tables for you to record your own situation, responses and actions. We hope you find them useful. Please let us know if you do….

For more information and to download the checklist go to the Jisc Scaling up Online Learning Guide.