I’m currently working on a Jisc funded study into online learner expectations and experiences with Helen Beetham and Tim Gray, which is part of the wider digital student study. This work also links back to the work I did on the Jisc scaling up online learning project.

We have been carrying out a fairly extensive literature and project review – more details to follow in a later post.

One of the most exciting aspects of this study is that we want to reach out and hear from online learners themselves. We have established #OLsuccess week – which features a series of activities to engage learners with some core questions around what makes them a successful online learner. We will be asking a few questions every day during the week and hope to get a range of responses in a variety of formats – text, images, video, animated gifs, sound files.

Activities include:


I’m looking forward to some great conversations. We already have some lovely comments on the discussion forum before the week got started!