>This is a post about one of the sessions in the JISC Innovating Learning 2009 Online Conference.

We wanted to have a session which stimulated discussion around some of the technological, social and organisational issues that are likely to affect the future learner, teacher and institutions. So we found three people to help us with this task. Martin Weller, Graham Attwell and Rob Howe have each taken on the task of producing a short video to offer us a selection of possible futures. do educational institutions have a future?

Martin has looked at this from the angle of the academic/scholar and engaged in a conversation with some of his future selves. I wont spoil the pleasure of watching it by describing any more but the beardyness seems to have caught a few people’s imagination. Some people have also responded to his blog post and video by making their own ‘conversation with a future self’. This could be catching – I will try to list these at the foot of this blog post in an attempt to pull them together.

Rob Howe has offered us a range of futures through the eyes of four learners and more beards… Personally I really love the last one with the TRIPE invention which involves tingling brains and Tesco’s. He also links us to the JISC funded Learner Experience work too…

Graham Attwell offers two starkly contrasting visions of how institutions will cope with the various economic, polictical and technological drivers. From the abolition of JISC and courses costing 20k a year to a federated open innovation approach. Personally I love the ‘aesthetics of bots sport’ course.

John Traxler Director of the Learning Lab and Professor of Mobile Learning at the University of Wolverhamptonfrom will be facilitating the discussion during the conference who brings a wealth of experience as both an online and face to face facilitator.

I look forward to the discussion around this session and would encourage people to register with the conference to ensure that you don’t miss it.

In fact we will be offering free spaces to the best three responses tagged with jiscel09 so get your beards ready and show us your future vision…

Inspired by the videos Grainne Conole has set up a very popular cloud on the OU Cloudworks site.

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Short film for CLT’s 2009 away-day. Asked to imagine the state of e-learning in the year 2020… Devised by and starring Jane Secker, Steve Bond & Athina Chatzigavriil