>think I survived the school meeting but am feeling very teary and vulnerable (those who know me would be surprised). tried to find ways to encourage laurie back to the school after easter. he is desperate at the idea. We need time to think.

I gave the Glasgow family and Child Health Centre a thumbs up yesterday and today I can only say a heartfelt thankyou. they reviewed his case in their weekly meeting and have given us an urgent meeting on Monday next week. RESULT!!!!!!!!

where we go from here I don’t know but at least we know we have someone on our side (ie willing to help). the irony is that you become so grateful for something so fundamental. I believe he deserves some help and attention. it’s taken over a months worth of effort and here I am being grateful.

I finally decided to ask for some leave from work becuase I can’t do it all any more. They gave me some time – so grateful…

If anyone has a magic wand to take away this nightmare i would be ever and always… so grateful

My life has crept so long on a broken wing
Through cells of madness, haunts of horror and fear,
That I come to be grateful at last for a little thing.
[Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892)

This photo from my flickr pages is called solitary perfection

solitary perfection