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In hindsight

It is particularly difficult for children with Aspergers Syndrome and high functioning autism because people can’t see the disability.

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dear family…

> I’ve been meaning to write this one for so long that I almost can’t write it anymore. I lie awake at night going over and over what I want to say. I think my recent reading of the new book ‘Children and...

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>Well only 7 months since my last post… I think the build up to the big Make School Make Sense Campaign by the NAS, and the commitment and energy it required, coupled with 8 months of exhausting emotional strain just...

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>drama queenings

>yaaay it’s make school make sense launch day in Scotland. there has been loads of press interest and it tied in with an HMI report also launched today about the shoddy state of affairs in Scotland. we arrived at school...

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