>not an inspirational title but the thing I feel like talking about…

how interesting that blogging has been a MOST (big shout) important mechanism for me in the last few months.

I’ve kind of been into diarying but not as much as others. i love writing but get incapacitated by the GREAT novel ( so original norma/lou).

so why has this blog worked for me in a way that I never anticipated?????

because it’s real —- my need is real—–the listeners/readers/audience is real

how strange that the reader maketh the blog kinda thing…

writing my previous entry – the YES we got the diagnosis entry… was really important to me.

i’ve mentioned this to a few friends lately and it is clear that they don’t get it. Why on earth would writing such intimate details to the whole world be OK.

i don’t know the answer/I love the answer/

it’s very private…
it’s so public…

and so those fantastic ironies/contradictions work well for me – particularly now.

I’m a blogger/flogger of stories/logger of lives

and a gemini with libra rising so contradictions work and the photo of the day will be….

torture garden
torture garden
The universe appears to me like an immense, inexorable torture-garden…. Passions, greed, hatred, and lies; law, social institutions, justice, love, glory, heroism, and religion: these are its monstrous flowers and its hideous instruments of eternal human suffering.
Octave Mirbeau

someone save me…

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  1. Nicki Hastie June 6, 2006 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    >Hi Lou,

    Well, you must know that this pisces with libra rising understands totally why writing such intimate details to the whole world be OK.

    Happy Birthday!



  2. Lou McGill June 6, 2006 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    >I was thinking of you as I wrote this one…

    thanks for the birthday wishes

    a grand 45 years – how cool is that…


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