25 05, 2011

not a dirty word

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This is another post focussing on a specific aspect of the JISC funded Transforming Curriculum Delivery Through Technology Programme. There is an overview post and one focusing on authentic learning For a programme with such diverse aspects and activities there are just so many ways to present the outcomes and outputs. Different stakeholders need alternative [...]

12 04, 2011

synthesis and sensemaking

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For the past two years I have been working on the  JISC funded Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology programme as a synthesis consultant. The programme ran alongside the ongoing four year programme focusing on curriculum design processes – Institutional approaches to Curriculum Design. The fifteen Transforming Curriculum Delivery Through Technology projects focussed on the processes [...]

5 02, 2011

having a voice…

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I recently contributed a post for purpos/ed (which is about opening a debate  around education) with my partner and son which I hope offered a voice for people outside the formal education system. I think we questioned that system and presented one view from the home education/home learning perspective and also from the perspetive of [...]

3 02, 2011

the purpose of education

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Our son has made us question every aspect of our lives and our place in society. Like most families we encounter informal learning opportunities every day. However we decided not to participate in the formal education offered by the state. We learn at home, in our community, in the wider world. My son has Aspergers [...]

27 01, 2011

who do I think I am?

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It's funny because I was lying awake the other night thinking about writing a blog post about this and today I came acros Bon Stewart's post about digitial identity and her PhD and she asks 'Do you believe in a real, authentic core self? How does the idea of performance strike you? And who are [...]

18 12, 2010

unsung heroes

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winter bauble This post is my seasonal card to the people I work closely with.... Many of these people beaver away in the background supporting project teams throughout the UK. They may occasionally get acknowledged in a final report... They may sometimes receive thanks from individuals...Sometimes they just get a barrage of complaints, grumbles and [...]

3 12, 2010

random act of kindness

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we had an unusual and very nice surprise this week from a stranger. We received a copy of a book from Amazon that we don't already have and that we didn't order. It was 'My name is Mina' by David Almond.  It came with a message saying: 'found your blog recently. Thought you would like [...]